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2020 LSC Angel Tree

This holiday season don't miss an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a scholar!

2020 LSC Angel Tree

Tuesday, Dec. 1—Wednesday, Dec. 16

LSC Administrative Offices (117 North Main Street)

What is the LSC Giving Tree?

The Giving Tree is an annual charity that provides individuals and organizations an opportunity to make a one-time donation for the mission and needs of Liberty STEAM Charter School students and teachers.

How does the Giving Tree work?

  1. Stop by or contact the LSC Administrative Office located at 117 North Main Street to select an angel from our tree.

  2. The angel you select will provide you with sponsorship information.

  3. Make your donations by December 16th.

How Can I Give?

You can sponsor ...

  1. Uniforms for 4 Scholars $100

  2. A Scholar’s Chromebook $250

  3. A Class Set of Scholar Backpacks $500

  4. A Classroom Library $500

  5. A Year of Classroom Supplies for a Scholar $50

  6. A Sponsor a Field Learning Experience for 24 Scholars $500

  7. A Sponsor a Teacher Wishing Well (Classroom Materials) $100

  8. A Name Your Contribution $—$$$$

If you have any questions , please email or call (803) 830-5967.

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