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Liberty Added to the Charter School Growth Fund

We are excited to announce that The Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) has pledged an undisclosed amount of financial support over the next three years to Liberty STEAM Charter School.

CSGF is a national nonprofit that identifies the nation’s best public charter schools, funds their expansion over multiple years and helps to increase their impact.

According to Dr. Khalil Graham, “our team is incredibly honored and excited to receive this generous financial award ... (it) will serve as a critical resource in ensuring we have a strong

launch for Sumter’s first tuition-free, open-enrollment public charter school.”

This grant recognizes our vision for growth and our commitment to underserved students.

Chairman Greg A. Thompson says, "This significant financial contribution is a vote of confidence from a nationally renowned philanthropic group that validates the efforts to build a high-quality public education system right here in Sumter — we are off to a strong start!”

The funding will be used for the initial implementation of LSC and refinement of its educational programming to include professional development among other things.

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