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About LSC

Empowering Scholars to Become Leaders in Their Communities by Providing a Challenging Yet Nurturing Environment

Established in 2020, Liberty STEAM Charter is the first public charter school in Sumter County. We will offer a kindergarten through 12th-grade STEAM-focused, project-based, and personalized learning model that is innovative and unlike any other school in South Carolina. We are currently growing to accommodate 1,500 scholars amongst four distinguished academies.


The LSC model is designed to prepare our scholars with the academic foundation to pursue college or university studies. Furthermore, our model is designed to ensure that LSC scholars leave high school with real-world skills and habits to succeed in industry careers that offer meaningful salaries.


Our Mission

Liberty STEAM Charter works to provide all students with equal access to a world-class K-12 education in an academically rigorous and student-centered learning environment, creating graduates who will be thoughtful and engaged citizens prepared to take on the leadership challenges of the 21st century.

Our Vision

In partnership with our families and the community, our vision is to provide real-world interdisciplinary, personalized, and project-based learning experiences through a STEAM-based academic program where graduates become the next generation of leaders, ​employers, and employees who contribute to the economic well-being of their communities and families.

Want to be a part of the LSC family?

What Does Liberty STEAM Charter Stand For?

We seek to embody a world-class culture throughout our LSC family. Through our leadership, scholar achievement, and our community, we can encourage involvement, celebrate achievement, promote leadership, and create an environment where everyone can succeed.



We believe in empowering our team to lead others to positively impact their community through hard work, enthusiasm, and respect.


We provide our team the freedom to innovate and pioneer new approaches to raising scholarly achievement, ultimately fostering scholar creativity, challenging constraints, and driving progress.


Through attracting diverse, exceptional talent at every level, we intentionally increase our teammates' inclusivity, retention, and development. We provide differentiated coaching support and professional development aligned with long-term individual professional goals and organization-wide goals. We believe in investing in our team's professional development now, for their current role, and opportunities that will exist at LSC in the future.


Scholar Achievement

We ensure that all students are engaged in rigorous, active learning in every academy, which dramatically increases their college and career readiness. We are focused on empowering our scholars to excel academically and socially by enabling our team to create a challenging yet nurturing environment.


Our scholars are immersed in an environment where we respect and honor each other's differences while promoting inclusivity. As a school, we consistently examine ourselves to ensure our practices and beliefs lead to equitable outcomes for all while providing a high-quality education with resources aligned to each scholar's needs.


By pursuing these ambitious goals, we are fostering an environment that will bring forth the next generation of leaders, ​employers, and employees who will contribute to the economic well-being of their communities and families.



We recognize that strong collaborations and partnerships are the foundation of community mobilization and change. By establishing and nurturing these partnerships in our community, they directly impact our scholars, our school, and our community's economic health.


We rely on our generous volunteers to nurture the environment we work hard to create for our scholars. They are an invaluable resource that strengthens our community, enhances engagement, and enriches the lives of our LSC family. By creating a welcoming atmosphere and serving in a supportive role, our volunteers contribute to our commitment to excellence. 


We put considerable emphasis on partnering with our parents. We are in the business of putting our scholars' needs first, and our parents help us do just that. We understand the responsibility that comes with educating, and we do not take our jobs lightly. Through communication and collaboration, we provide our scholars with consistency and support in their learning experience, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

I chose this professional opportunity as the Director of Liberty STEAM Charter School’s Primary Academy because its innovative approach aligns with my belief in holistic education.” He also shared, “As a hands-on administrator, I value the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with students, staff, and families, fostering a supportive learning environment and, at LSC, I see the opportunity to cultivate a community where every child's academic, social, and emotional needs are prioritized.” Mr. Montgomery also states, “I'm excited to collaborate with a dedicated team to implement dynamic educational strategies that nurture students' curiosity and creativity. Together, we will empower young minds to excel academically while also developing the essential skills and qualities they need to thrive in the ever-changing world beyond the classroom. 

LeAndrea Montgomery, Primary Academy Director

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