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The LSC Difference

Liberty STEAM Charter School offers a STEAM-focused, project-based, and personalized learning model that is innovative and unlike any other school in South Carolina. We are committed to a high-quality, standards-based curriculum that allows for more time on tasks, significant exposure to enrichment opportunities, and a data-driven learning environment.


We provide each Academy classroom with two teachers and offer smaller classroom sizes. We focus on a comprehensive Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) model to ensure that all scholars' needs are being met, and an innovative high school model with a set of learning pathways designed to link real-world project-based learning and scholar connections to college and fields of industry.


Taken together, these components of the educational model will create an academically rigorous and scholar-centered learning environment where LSC scholars will thrive. As a public school that will be accountable to families, its charter sponsor, and taxpayers, LSC believes deeply in accountability and has a founding planning committee that is committed to ensuring the academic, financial, and operational success of LSC. LSC's kindergarten through 12th-grade progression includes four Academies, which will help personalize scholar learning and create smaller learning environments. We are committed to the idea that some scholars may need extra support and additional resources to ensure that all scholars can attain a world-class education.


The need is urgent; thus the time to act is now. In creating a charter school where rigor, joy, and community are the essential keys to success, we are on a mission to change the narrative about what is possible for the children of Sumter County so that every child is equally positioned to succeed emotionally, academically, and socially.

What makes LSC different?


Team Empowerment  

We believe in empowering our team to lead others to positively impact their community through hard work, enthusiasm, and respect.



We provide our team the freedom to innovate and pioneer new approaches to raising scholarly achievement, ultimately fostering scholar creativity, challenging constraints and driving progress.

Diverse Talent 

Through attracting diverse, exceptional talent at every level, we intentionally increase our teammates' inclusivity, retention, and development. 

Professional Development

We provide differentiated coaching support and professional development aligned with long-term individual professional goals and organization-wide goals. We believe in investing in our team's professional development now, for their current role, and opportunities that will exist at Liberty STEAM in the future.

Scholar Achievement

STEAM Curriculum

The STEAM curriculum is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding scholar inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. To learn more about the STEAM curriculum, please visit The Institute for Arts Integration & STEAM.

Challenging Environment

We ensure that all scholars are engaged in rigorous, active learning in every Academy, which dramatically increases their college and career readiness. We are focused on empowering our scholars to excel academically and socially by enabling our team to create a challenging yet nurturing environment.

Scholar Integrity

Our scholars are immersed in an environment where we respect and honor each other's differences while promoting inclusivity. As a school, we consistently examine ourselves to ensure our practices and beliefs lead to equitable outcomes for all while providing a high-quality education with resources aligned to each scholar's needs.

Goal Setting

By pursuing these ambitious goals, we are fostering an environment that will bring forth the next generation of leaders, ​employers, and employees who will contribute to the economic well-being of their communities and families.

College & Career Initiatives

We pride ourselves in successfully supporting LSC scholars in navigating their transition from primary and secondary education to college and career. To ensure that our scholars are college and career ready, we lean to our College and Career Initiatives.



We recognize that strong collaborations and partnerships are the foundation of community mobilization and change. By establishing and nurturing these partnerships in our community, they directly impact our scholars, our school, and our community's economic health.


We rely on our generous volunteers to nurture the environment we work hard to create for our scholars. They are an invaluable resource that strengthens our community, enhances engagement, and enriches the lives of our LSC family. By creating a welcoming atmosphere and serving in a supportive role, our volunteers contribute to our commitment to excellence. 

Family Engagement & Partnership

We put considerable emphasis on partnering with our parents. We are in the business of putting our scholars' needs first, and our parents help us do just that. We understand the responsibility that comes with educating, and we do not take our jobs lightly. Through communication and collaboration, we provide our scholars with consistency and support in their learning experience, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

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