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Liberty loves our military families! 


As of January 2024, Liberty STEAM is now proudly a part of the Military Child Education Coalition.

This page contains links and resources for military families.

LSC becomes first SC charter school to join the

Recap video from our 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony, which was made possible by our military families and our friends at Shaw Air Force Base.  

Liberty STEAM Charter School welcomes military families who have transferred to a local military installation. 

  • Any parent or guardian who is an active-duty member of the armed forces of the United States or is part of the Reserve Armed Forces may establish residence and add their scholar to the enrollment lottery.

  • LSC's annual open enrollment period is October 1-November 30, with the Fall Lottery held annually on the first Monday of December for the following school year. 

  • Simply provide a copy of a military order requiring your transfer to a military installation in or adjacent to our school district’s attendance zone.

  • The parent or guardian has up to 90 days of the arrival date specified in the order to provide LSC with proof of residence.

  • Thank you for choosing our community.


We aim to support you and your children and ease them into our community and schools. 


For your convenience, we have collected the following resources that you may find valuable.

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What Our Military Families Are Saying ...

"We chose LSC as parents of a military child because of the mission it stands behind. We love that scholars are provided with the tools to excel academically, physically, and emotionally. The school is about community and growing to accomplish one common goal. That goal is to provide equal access to a world-class K-12 education. Family is a BIG deal to us. This is why we are proud to be a part of the LSC family."


Parents of Aaron Duncan  

"When moving to the area, we saw the schools weren't rated very highly. Their reviews weren't fantastic. We came across Liberty and fell in love. We played the lottery and, unfortunately, didn't make it in the first year. Our children attended Sumter schools, and we had less than desired outcomes. We played the lottery again, and our kids got into Liberty and began immediately. They've improved so much with being at Liberty. We can notice a dramatic change in their learning abilities and skills. It's hard for military kids to settle into one place and be comfortable, but our kiddos are extremely comfortable and love Liberty STEAM Charter School. "


Parents of Russell & Oliver Blackstone 

LSC Learning About & Supporting Our Military

What's Happening at Liberty STEAM

Additional Resources & Information

  • MCEC Resources: This site includes digital resources for students, parents, education professionals and influencers in multiple formats: videos, webinars, and downloadable documents. 

  • SchoolQuest is another great site as well. 

  • Free homework help and online tutoring for students on active duty, National Guard, and Reserve families in over 40+ subjects at all skill levels.

  • All LSC scholars receive the opportunity three times a year to learn the importance of raising the American flag and how to fold it properly.

  • All LSC scholars of active duty military service members have a designated time each month to participate in a support group with the military liaison at Shaw Air Force Base. 

  • When military scholars arrive at LSC, they are assigned an "Eagle Scholar Ambassador" in their assigned classroom to help better acclimate them to the culture of our school.

Micah Vaughn, Elementary Academy Military Liaison
Shereza Middleton, Primary Academy Military Liaison

One Military Family's Story

"“As a military family moving every two to three years, we really try to seek out schools that will not only engage our children but welcome and nurture their unique abilities. We look for a well-rounded support system that will understand the challenges our kids face with each move and encourage them to achieve their goals. When we researched the Sumter area and found Liberty STEAM Charter School, we found that they checked all the boxes and then some!


The 12 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio is a huge bonus for us, as it allows for more dedicated time to each student, especially since ours has unique needs and may need that extra one-on-one instruction. Additionally, the communication is top notch not only from school-wide, but a teacher to parent, with not only praises about our child but collaborating on strategies that may work best for him. He is excelling more than he ever has at any other school because of the dedication of these teachers.


The environment is welcoming from the start and really sets the tone as we are greeted with smiles, waves, high fives, and music every day. We love the positive reinforcement model for scholars, the community service projects, the enrichment programs on the weekends, and the welcoming of regular parent feedback through surveys.


Finally, safety is very important to us and to the school. Between the deputies that are always present at the school and the overall security of the building, we feel very assured that our child is receiving an excellent educational experience in a safe and secure environment while building a solid foundation based on core values that will stay with him throughout his life.


We can’t wait to see the bright future for this school, the staff, and most importantly, the children it serves.”"


Parents of Noah Longstreet 


Expanding Vision

"I had the privilege of being present when the idea of a new STEAM charter school in Sumter, SC was proposed as an alternative solution for marginalized children in the community. Rarely did an innovative public charter school like Liberty STEAM exceed its initial vision, charter application, and operational capacity. 

The campus at the former JCPenny at Sumter Mall stands as a classic example of their mindset, expanding vision beyond the traditional school building to broaden public support and open its doors to more families in a community that deserved so much for the children who lived there."




Chris G. Neeley, Superintendent
South Carolina Public Charter School District

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