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Preparing our highly credentialed scholars requires support from the community we serve. 

Receiving support from our partners helps the education come to life for our scholars each day by providing new, engaging, and downright fun opportunities. Our partners believe in going above and beyond to support our scholars and provide them access to a robust public school education that will equip them for success in college and beyond.

Stable sources of funding ensure that our school remains competitive and vital to the community.


Would you or your organization like to become a partner of LSC? Please contact Gifford Shaw at for more information.

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Quixote Club has played an integral part in our development since our inception.


Brothers Greg A. Thompson and Lewis Thompson started Quixote Club with a vision to give back to the community by supporting children and their families, with the end goal to attract more families to plant their roots within their hometown of Sumter, South Carolina.

With this vision in mind, Quixote Club was created to connect, inspire, and change lives through golf. With the support of its philanthropic-minded members, Quixote Club’s proceeds are reinvested back into the community through Liberty STEAM Charter School.


Through membership and corporate sponsors, Quixote Club is a catalyst to elevate the community by providing a world-class education to our youth and enriching the history of Sumter through philanthropy.

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