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Producing Well-Rounded, Highly Credentialed Scholars Takes Effortbeyond the Classroom and beyond Our Own Network


Having the support of our families and community is critical to the success of our scholars.


Thank you for wanting to become involved!

Here’s how you can get involved


We rely on our generous volunteers to nurture the environment we work hard to create for our scholars. They are an invaluable resource that strengthens our community, enhances engagement, and enriches the lives of our LSC family. By creating a welcoming atmosphere and serving in a supportive role, our volunteers contribute to our commitment to excellence. At LSC, we classify volunteers in the following categories:

  • Aid | A parent, guardian, or family member of an enrolled scholar who wishes to fill an identified need on the campus
  • Visitor | A volunteer who appears for a single school event on campus, unrelated to a currently enrolled scholar (guest speaker, scholar observation for college credit, etc.)
  • Academy Representative | A person who has indicated in writing an intention to serve as a volunteer on campus on a consistent basis and with a specific purpose (scholar teaching, tutoring, after-school activities, etc.)
Ready to Volunteer? If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to Dr. Latasha Carter at for more information.

Title I Meetings

These meetings are held to ensure those who care for our scholars are aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding their scholar's education. We highly encourage you to participate in the conversation as we value contributions from parents and family members. These conversations allow us to build a positive and strong partnership between the children's two worlds, school and home. Topics discussed at the meetings are:

  • LSC Family Engagement Policy
  • School-Parent Compact
  • Notification to Parents of Teacher Qualifications
  • Family Engagement Opportunities

You can view our events calendar to find out when Title I meetings are hosted.

Parent Academy

The Parent Academy is designed to encourage and promote opportunities for parents and families to engage in the school and community with the ultimate goal of improving scholar experiences and learning outcomes. The committee is charged with increasing family participation and engagement, welcoming and supporting new families who join the LSC community, and advocating for our school and scholars through fundraising and community involvement. If you would like to join the Parent Academy, please reach out to Dr. Latasha Carter at for more information.


Donors help education come to life for our scholars each day by providing new, engaging, and downright fun opportunities. By supporting LSC, you support our scholars and provide them access to a robust public school education that will equip them for success in college and beyond. Click here to learn more about how you can support LSC!