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Third Cohort of Leader Fellows & Academy Teacherpreneurs Named for the 2024-25 School Year

We are excited to announce staff members who have received a promotion into a new role for the 2023-24 school year. In keeping with LSC tradition, LSC has named its next cohort of Leader Fellows: Dexter Butler, Emeral Franklin, Eunisha Sweeney, Katie Huggins, & Tiffany Rhodes. Additionally, Kelli Carlisle & Adriana Margiliano will be stepping into a hybrid teacher leadership role referred to as “teacherpreneur” next year. These individuals will help to continue ushering in the spirit of collective leadership at LSC in the 2024-25 school year to positive impact teacher & staff quality, scholar achievement, and the future of the LSC vision & mission within our special learning community.

Dr. Trevor Ivey, Executive Director, supervised the selection process that included the following stakeholders: HR Business Partner Hope Broadway, Culture Coach Ron Harvey, Primary Academy Director Tanya Peckham, Campus Director of Operations LaQuanya Chambers, & Elementary Academy Director Sally Harris. Dr. Ivey says, “Collectively, these individuals bring nearly 75 years of experience in public education to the cohort with an extensive wealth of knowledge and experiences outside of public education. The cohort of leader fellows reflects three areas of expertise - instruction, culture, & operations. Dr. Ivey says that these individuals have a demonstrated track record of excellence in setting big goals, planning purposefully, investing in scholars & their families, executing effectively, working relentlessly to achieve goals, & continually striving to increase their effectiveness.

Tiffany Rhodes, Network Operations Coordinator, shared that “Being named a Leader Fellow is an opportunity to grow as the organization grows while under the instruction of other amazing leaders on the team. This is going to be an exciting adventure. I’m ready to embrace it.” Her hobbies include reading, puzzles/crafts, chasing waterfalls, & playing with her son, Decker.

Dexter Butler, an Elementary Academy Lead Enrichment Teacher, shared that “I am excited to step into the role as a Leader Fellow to open up a future academy with the LSC Network. I am eager to learn alongside others & create a dynamic school culture that is committed to providing nothing less than the best educational experience for all scholars. His hobbies include bowling, traveling, & watching sports.

Eunisha Sweeney, the Primary Academy Front Office Coordinator, shared that “joining LSC has been the best decision I have made. I have witnessed astounding educators and leaders work passionately daily to fulfill Liberty’s mission. To be in such an inspiring and impactful place has motivated me even more to work harder. I am honored to have the opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally in this new role with Liberty.” Her hobbies include taking cruises, hosting family gatherings, & shopping.

Emeral Franklin, a Primary Academy Teaching Fellow, shared that “I am honored & humbled to be chosen as a Leader Fellow to help lead a future academy. I accept the responsibilities and the duties that LSC has laid out. In this expanded role, I will embody authenticity & humility for staff. As our scholars continue to grow, I hope to serve as that bridge to be a voice of understanding.” Her hobbies include reading & journaling.

Katie Huggins, an Elementary Academy Lead Teacher, shared that “I aspire to lead in education, because I believe in the transformative power of learning. Guiding educational initiatives as a Leader Fellow will allow me to foster innovation, inspire others, and drive positive change in the lives of learners, equipping them with the skills & knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.” Her hobbies include reading, going to theme parks with her son, & traveling.

Dr. Michelle McDonald, an Elementary Academy Lead Teacher who was recently named LSC’s 2024-25 Network Teacher of the Year & SC Public Charter School District Teacher of the Year, shared that “I am honored & grateful to participate in the Leader Fellow program. The program will allow me to demonstrate leadership skills in the charter school setting while working closely with experienced leaders. It is a great opportunity for me to learn, grow, and impact our school community meaningfully while preparing for future leadership positions.” Her hobbies include reading, exercising, & journaling.

Kelli Carlisle, an Elementary Academy Lead Teacher, shared that “ I am beyond excited about this new opportunity to collaborate with both scholars & teachers and was drawn to this role as a teacherpreneur, because it will allow me to help create a dynamic learning environment where mutual growth & support thrive. My hope is to inspire and guide the young minds that I am privileged to teach, while also empowering teachers to continually refine their craft & adapt to evolving educational practices together.” Her hobbies include reading, movie making, & public speaking.

Adriana Marigliano, a Primary Academy Lead Teacher, shared that “I am excited to have the opportunity to navigate this innovative role with the LSC team as a teacherprenuer and to help lead the implementation of our new reading curriculum & science of reading practices. Operating in this hybrid role of working with scholars & supporting teachers is a privilege that I am honored to step into. I look forward to continuing to serve our scholars & their families with dedication & a growth mindset.” Her hobbies include reading,writing, traveling, spending time with friends & family, and fostering puppies.

Greg A. Thompson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, states that “I am excited to see these individuals grow and develop her leadership skills with LSC for many years to come. In learning about the reasons for which they were selected, they all share the commonality of demonstrating unique abilities for teaching, training, and mentoring others through their time at LSC.” As part of being named a Leader Fellow, each individual will participate in a yearlong Leadership Development Program (LDP) that is co-facilitated by the LDP action team that includes leadership coaching through the Table Group. In that first year, each fellow will also take on three leadership “at-bats'' with specific projects that are grounded in measurable goals & outcomes. Leader fellows that meet their goals will progress to the second year. As hybrid teacher leaders, both academy teachepreneuers will also participate in LDP. Teacherpreneurs will both teach & lead at their respective academies while Leader Fellows will specifically take on additional leadership responsibilities. Each fellow is uniquely provided a three year runway to develop their “leader playbook,” leading up to them being placed as a school leader in the 2026-27 school year. Similarly, teacherpreneurs will have the opportunity to lead & learn alongside leader fellows but will actually serve on their school’s respective leadership teams in the 2024-25 school year. The goal of Liberty’s LDP is to provide the necessary support to grow these individuals’ leadership abilities. Dr. Ivey adds that “The 3rd Leader Fellow Cohort reflects a level of passion for supporting young people that is unmatched, and I look forward to these future school leaders modeling our culture of love & excellence for years to come.”

Released to Internal Stakeholders on 5/16/2024 & External Stakeholders on 5/17/2024.

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