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End of Year Letter from Dr. Ivey

Dear Members of Eagle Nation:

It’s hard to believe we are turning the pages on another fantastic school year at the Eagle’s Nest!

As we continue this journey of educational excellence, we are reminded of the timeless wisdom encapsulated in Benjamin Franklin’s profound words:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

In a world driven by constant change and innovation, education stands as the bedrock upon which individuals, communities, and societies thrive.

At LSC, we firmly believe that investing in knowledge and learning yields invaluable returns, shaping not only the lives of individuals but also the trajectory of our collective future.

Throughout this school year, we have witnessed the power of education to inspire, transform, and create boundless opportunities.

Our unwavering commitment to providing quality education has enabled us to empower countless scholars, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to navigate the complexities of the modern world. Through collaborative efforts, we have fostered an environment where curiosity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning flourish.

From innovative programming and initiatives to remarkable stories, this school year is nothing short of a testament to the profound influence that education has on individuals and communities alike.

Let’s reflect on the following achievements & major milestones in our third year of operation:

  • Opened a Second Academy Campus—Hiring 50% More Staff & Doubling the Number of Scholars Served

  • Became the First Public Charter School in SC to be Designated a “Purple Star Military Family Friendly School”

  • Ended the Year with 60% Reading Proficiency & 72% Math Proficiency

  • 55% of Critical Support Intervention Scholars Meet their Year-Long Growth Targets in Reading

  • 77% of Critical Support Intervention Scholars Meet their Year-Long Growth Targets in Math

  • LSC Re-Designated a “Great Place to Work” for 4th Consecutive School Year

  • 99% of Scholars Successfully Read One Million Words & Increased Family Engagement Opportunities by 20%

  • 5,625 Total Parent Volunteer Hours Served & 99% Family Engagement Satisfaction

  • Held our 1st Annual STEAM Workforce Development Day with 100% of STEAM Capstone Presentations Completed

  • Raised $3.5 Million Dollars from Private Donors & Established 11 New Community Partnerships

  • Held 156 Saturday Enrichments that saw 75% of LSC’s Total Scholar Population Participating in at Least One Class

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff, committed partners, & visionary supporters who have played an integral role in making this year possible. Your unwavering support has paved the way for a brighter future, igniting a passion for learning, and driving us closer to our collective goals.

As we navigate the challenges & opportunities that lie ahead, we are confident that our shared commitment to education will pave the way for a prosperous & inclusive future.

The school year has ended, but we are already planning for the 2024-25 school year.

Here are some important dates:

  • June 3-14: Primary Academy Summer PRIDE

  • June 3-21: Elementary Academy Summer PRIDE

  • June 6: 2024-25 SY Back-to-School Information Posted to Website & Social Media Channels

  • June 24: Final 2023-24 SY Board of Directors Meeting

  • July 16: Academy Leaders Report / July 19: Operations Staff Report / July 25: Instructional Staff Report Back

  • July 26: Welcome Back Postcards Mailed to all LSC Scholars

  • July 30: Back-to-School Extravaganza (Drop-In Style: 9 am-Noon for PA Families and 1-4 pm for EA Families)

  • August 1: First Day of School (Kinder Scholars will have a Staggered Start either on August 1 or 2 and will be noted on the welcome back postcard with all kinder scholars attending together on August 5).

It has been my privilege & honor to serve as your leader. Thank you for helping to make #TheLibertyDifference!

In it together,

Dr. Trevor Ivey

NBCT; Executive Director

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