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LSC Awarded $5,000 from Dabo's All In Team Foundation

The objective of Dabo’s All In Team Foundation’s Grant Program is to provide local, South Carolina- based organizations in need of monetary support an opportunity to receive funding in order to execute projects that fit within Dabo's All In Team Foundation's mission statement, which is to raise awareness of critical education and health issues in order to change lives of people across the state of South Carolina.

The foundation especially sought projects for funding which addressed the aspects of health, wellness and education in making a positive impact on their community.

LSC submitted a grant application in late August, including 12 grant narratives, a budget, and appendix items requesting the full maximum amount in funding. As part of this highly competitive grant, non-profit organizations apply in the school category had to provide a clear, concise, and comprehensive plan regarding the school’s educational model, governance & management capacity, and community need.

The grant funding will cover three projects during LSC’s launch phase that include:

  1. Providing each scholar their first uniform free of charge

  2. Organizing & executing a home visits program

  3. Supporting the work of engaging admitted scholars and their families through the first day of school

“Strong, effective charter schools all around the country are giving young people a solid education and hope for a better future, but we know charter schools are not automatically strong and effective,” says Chairman Greg A. Thompson.

Mr. Thompson says, “startup schools need nurturing and ongoing support in order to succeed. Grant opportunities like the ones provided by Dabo’s All In Team Foundation are crucial to our board’s mission of creating and sustaining an alternative, high-quality public education option for families across Sumter.”

Read the entire press replace, here.

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