College & Career Readiness

Successfully Supporting LSC Scholars in Navigating Their Transition 
from Primary and Secondary Education to College and Career

At LSC, we are determined to provide all of our scholars with equal access to a world-class education while providing an academically rigorous and scholar-centered learning environment. By fostering this type of environment, we are developing graduates to be thoughtful and engaged citizens prepared to take on the leadership challenges of the 21st century. To ensure that our scholars are college and career-ready, we lean to our College and Career Initiatives.

Four Pillars of College & Career Initiatives


We believe all scholars have an opportunity to succeed and should receive guidance specific to their needs. To properly support scholars while navigating their transition from primary and secondary education to college and career, we provide counseling and guidance along with family partnership.


Scholar enrichment opportunities outside the classroom drive college and career going identities. By providing these experiences, we expose our scholars to cultural awareness, service-learning, and career exploration. We prioritize partnerships with businesses and organizations that can offer our scholars enrichment opportunities.


LSC offers a STEAM-focused, project-based, and personalized learning model that is innovative and unlike any other school in South Carolina. We are committed to a high-quality, standards-based curriculum that allows for more time on tasks, significant exposure to enrichment opportunities, and a data-driven learning environment. We provide each Academy classroom with two teachers and offer smaller classroom sizes. We focus on a comprehensive Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) model to ensure that all scholars' needs are being met, and an innovative high school model with a set of learning pathways designed to link real-world project-based learning and scholar connections to college and fields of industry.


Preparing our highly credentialed scholars requires support from the community we serve. Receiving support from our partners helps the education come to life for our scholars each day by providing new, engaging, and downright fun opportunities. Our partners believe in going above and beyond to support our scholars and provide them access to a robust public school education that will equip them for success in college and beyond